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There are several reasons to apply for a loan via payroll, here are several examples: make a remodel in our homes: it may be an unexpected season; Heavy rain, hail or extreme temperatures that damage the roof and the old waterproofing is not enough. Another reason may simply be that we want to touch up the paint on the facade or renew the interior of the rooms a bit by changing some furniture to give them a better use, it may also be that you need to open a small business and ask us for a business loan or that you have to fix your car and apply for a car loan. No matter what the case, use payroll loans in the way that suits you best.

Reasons to apply for payroll loans

Reasons to apply for payroll loans

You will have the best reasons and all are very valid. What I offer here is that you consider the option of payroll loans at your fingertips. Having a payroll loan option will give you the peace of mind of not having to resort to the money in your bag (which generally serves to cover your daily life), but that you can use the money of a financial institution in exchange for a certain interest that, if you plan it well, you will have no problem paying. When an emergency of this nature comes your way you always have several options; Let me highlight the advantages and disadvantages of some.

  1. Resort to your savings.

    Resort to your savings.

If instead of applying for payroll loans you resort to what you have saved in your bank account or in your piggy bank two things will happen. The first: you will not pay any interest because you would be using your own resources and not the money from the payroll loans that will always charge you some interest on the total amount you have requested. That’s fine, you would be optimizing your income and adding a lien to your expense. The second thing that will happen: you will run out of that saving that is ideally designed for more critical issues (when you have no other choice) or for whatever you have been saving. If you have the option of payroll loans, my recommendation is that you consider them before spending your savings and so you will have more capital: your savings and the financial product of the payroll loans. Both options are valid and depend on your strategy. Remember: decapitalize (not have cash) is more expensive than financing.

  1. Ask for personal credit for a family member or friend.

    Ask for personal credit for a family member or friend.

You also have the option to turn around and see who can support you in that moment of need. The pro of this is that it will give you financing (you will not use your own capital). And the opposite is that, since you are not paying any interest, you do not have all the convenience of payment that you would like. So when they ask for your money back, even if you can’t afford it, you will do the impossible, as long as you return “the favor” to whom you have lent that money. With payroll loans this does not happen because it is a contract that you take from the beginning; You know how much you are going to order and how much you are going to return with the exact payment dates. So you have time to make your plan and pay it according to your circumstances.

  1. Do not meet the need.

    Do not meet the need.

Another option is that you simply ignore the problem of waterproofing your home (or the urgency it may be). This is the least recommended, since if it is a constant problem it can cost you much more money later. It is better to invest a little in a solution on time, to leave it for later and end up paying double or more… Consider payroll loans as a fast, efficient and safe solution for this type of emergency. Yes you will pay an interest in exchange for the benefit of not decapitalizing, not squeezing into your daily expenses or committing to a loved one. Apply today for your loans via payroll a. We are here to answer any questions and help you cover your financial needs at the time you want and need it.